Playing at World-Class Venues

The most elegant casinos in the international gaming scene

Whether they realize it or not, human beings are wired to be averse to monotony. This is the reason why traveling is so invigorating. People gain new experiences by taking a break from the humdrum of the usual, and more often than not come out the better for it.

This holds true for casino aficionados as well. Spending a fun night at the local gaming place is great and all, but there will come a point when a change of scenery is in order. Furthermore, not only will this rejuvenate players’ zest for the game, but they may very well end up finding a more challenging atmosphere, which means their skill levels may increase too.

There’s also a certain aura of sophistication in many of the world-class casinos, being that they’re often frequented by the highest of rollers in the gaming scene. Of these, the Monte Carlo Casino is arguably the best known gaming establishment in all of Europe, not only because of its history involving the royal family of Monaco, but also because of its strong associations with 007 lore. Many fans of James Bond’s outing on the silver screen are no doubt already familiar with the casino being featured in the Brosnan-era kickstarter GoldenEye. True Bond devotees, however, know that the Monte Carlo Casino’s connection with the superspy goes even farther back: It was instrumental in author Ian Fleming coming up with the very first Bond novel, Casino Royale. This connection with probably the most debonair of (fictional) casino players significantly ups the casino’s prestige, to say nothing of the actual elegance of the place.

As for the Asian casino industry, many consider Macau to be the gaming Mecca of the continent. Of all the gaming establishments there, the one that stands out the most is Grand Lisboa. Not only does the building’s unique shape make it quite the memorable landmark, but the casino also hosts some of the most heated poker tournaments this side of the Pacific. Players looking to test their skills on the international stage will find just that on the game floors of the Lisboa.

Casinos reward loyal patrons with various exclusives, such as free hotel accommodations and access to private game floors. Even online casinos are following suit. InterCasino, the world’s oldest online gaming website, has established a VIP Program similar to the membership programs that the world’s major casinos have developed, giving members special bonuses, new offers and rewards every month, birthday bonuses and hospitality events. InterCasino’s VIP Program is invitation-only, much like that of the Bellagio’s, ensuring that only high rollers and loyal patrons of the casino enjoy their perks.

Taking this patronage to the international level, imagine the perks you could get every time you walk into the halls of the casinos mentioned above. As long as you build a good enough reputation, playing world-class should be well worth it.